Imaging Children Gently

A radiologist laughs with a child patient and her brother

Parents, UVA Radiology and Medical Imaging is proud to be a part of the Image Gently campaign. We know that children are not just little adults, and we’re working to protect our pediatric patients every day. We believe it is important to hold to the practice of imaging children gently.

Imaging Children Gently

When it comes to radiation, one size does not fit all. Because they are rapidly growing and developing, children require a gentler touch when it comes to radiation. Radiation dosages depend partially on the patient’s size. We work hard at UVA to make sure that kids do not receive the same doses of radiation as adults.

The Image Gently Alliance is a campaign diligently working to improve safety and effectiveness of pediatric medical imaging. The Alliance unites healthcare organizations that strive to image children the best they can with as little radiation as possible.

At UVA Radiology and Medical Imaging, we are concerned with the safety and well-being of our pediatric patients. This is why we abide by Image Gently’s guidelines to:

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A graphic that has a list of tips for how to position children gently

These guidelines apply to exams like X-rays and CT scans where children receive radiation. Whenever possible though, we try to use exams that don’t use radiation such as MRI and Ultrasound.

Learn how you can be involved in the Image Gently campaign, and learn why your child should be seen by a pediatric radiologist.

Infographic Text: Image Gently’s Guidelines
Image Gently’s Guidelines:
  • Image only the necessary body part
  • Position the child correctly so there’s only one scan needed
  • Properly shield the child from excess radiation
  • Adjust the exam for the child’s size
  • Image from an appropriate distance

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