Scrapbooking to Say “Thank You!” to our IR Technologists

August 25, 2017
A collection of colored pencils sit in a cup

We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate our radiologic technologists here at UVA. Specifically, here, we wanted to take a moment to recognize our IR technologists.


Our Favorite IR Technologists in the World

Nursing has adopted a Shared Governance model at UVA, empowering nurses to institute positive and innovative changes within our individual units.

To that end, each month, the Professional Nursing Staff Organization (PNSO) gives the Interventional Radiology nurses a topic for discussion. The topic for May of 2017 was “Relationship-based care. It takes a village.”

The PNSO asked how we promote teamwork within our department. As our committee pondered this, we immediately thought of our technologists and how we would go about recognizing them for what they do every day. They are truly innovators and experts in their field.

So, we sent an email to our nursing staff requesting brief comments about each of our techs. The techs allowed us to take their pictures without knowing why (which shows you what great sports they are!). We then scrapbooked our hearts out and created fabulous posters on each of our beloved techs with words of recognition.

We hung them up and surprised them with a light breakfast and our warmest thanks. It was wonderful seeing them walk in, pause in front of their poster, and watch the smile spread across their faces as they read.


Nicole Arington poster Ashley Crouch poster Chris Ferrara poster Steve Haug poster Alisha Hawrylack poster Tammy Bondi poster Lee Sumpter poster Bob Growden poster Megan Burge poster Vicky Herring poster Vicky Herring poster Andy Struchen poster Andy Struchen poster Brittany Messina poster Mike Thomas poster Amber Simmons poster Shauna Clark poster Derrick Davis poster PJ Cooper poster Bryan May poster Jimmy Parsons poster Ruby Wilmoth poster

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